Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media
Head of Nerve Media

Good business starts
with a conversation,
an exchange that establishes who
you are and what you’re proposing.

That's where I get involved, to
Hook your audience
and carry that dialogue forward.

As the head of Nerve Media
I'm in the business
of crafting words,
refining messages, wrestling big ideas
mano – a – mano
with your communication challenges.

I help organizations like yours
find a compelling voice
that aims to inform and even entertain, while distinguishing your brand and
driving business.

In my 20 years working as a creative
I've grown accustomed to partnering
with clients directly or at arm's length.
Writing for any client
is in fact an entirely
collaborative effort.
It's an opportunity to explore possibilities and
then zero in on how best to express your message.

No matter if it's digital, print, broadcast
or otherwise, I'm responsible for
thinking strategically
speaking candidly and acting promptly.
Delivering the goods
on time and within budget.

I work in conjunction with:

  • Company Executives
  • Marketing Teams
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Design Agencies
  • Creative Directors
  • Graphic Designers

This sampling of clients may
establish some credentials but
every organization's needs are unique.
It's absolutely vital to
understand your audience,
the tone of your content and your organization's overall strategic objectives as you embark on
this process.


  • Acosta Design
  • Aquatch
  • Bhandari & Plater
  • Butterfield & Robinson
  • Burlodge
  • Canadian Black Book
  • Colgate
  • Conrad Consultancy
  • Cundari
  • George Brown College
  • Gowlings, LLP
  • Great Gulf Homes
  • Humber College
  • Mamone & Partners
  • LCBO
  • Molson Canadian
    Hockey House
  • Nexicom
  • Oxygen Design
  • Peterbourough Regional Health Centre
  • Pivot Design & Communications
  • Precise Parklink
  • Queen's School of Business
  • ReFrame Film Festival
  • Scully: The World Show
  • St. Andrew's College
  • SOS Design
  • Teranet
  • The Counselling
    Foundation of Canada
  • Tilley Endurables
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Trent University
  • Wine Council of Ontario

I'd be pleased to arrange a meeting to have a more in-depth discussion about my work while taking the opportunity to understand your organization's current needs.

Let's get back to
the initial point
and recognize that good business starts with a direct conversation.

When you're ready to add style, substance and creative character to your content, drop me a line and we'll take it from there.

Cameron Taylor

President, Nerve Media

Mailing Address

555 King Street, Peterborough, ON
K9J 2T4

705 - 745 - 5435